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World's Lightest
Look at Our Light Tactical Rails weight advantage!
We like'em LIGHT and we're bettin' you do too. The photos on the right show just HOW light! Click on them, they expand! Our rail isn't designed for EVERY application, just 95% of the everyday world we live in. We just know you'll like it. The video to the right will give you an insight into just how accurate our rails are. 

We have a small selection of covers already made up with L.T.R.'s usually in stock if you're handy and can do some fitting work. We Aim to please and hope you'll give us a shot. We won't disapoint you.

From time to time we will have special offers so check back and see us.  We'll be reviewing some Red Dots and Scopes from time to time, check here and the REVIEW section on the FALfiles. Browse the Customer Comments & Pictures page to gain insight into how well the LTR works! Our request box on the products page will take care of any questions you may have.

If you're older like us, can't see your Iron sights that well anymore or just prefer a Red/Green Dot optic or a lightweight scope then read on. We've got just what the doctor ordered!
Stable, low, and good to go! 
Just $75.99 attached to your cover plus 6.00 S&Ins, back in 10 days! Warrantied for the life of the L.T.R.
Yup, the guy in the green coat is yours truly. Don't knock those sexy earmuffs, they still work, even if my hearing doesn't!  Hope you can follow the drift of the demonstration here. We're not movie makers by trade. We wanted you to see that the cover and rail can be easily removed and still repeat zero something other sight rails can't. We'll be doing more and better demo's on You Tube and posting a link here also. Hope it helps the decision process along. Enjoy, and safe shooting.
Please, read through all 5 pages of the website and watch the videos to gain all the info for an informed decision as to which item from the products page best fits your application.  Call or write if you can't find the answer. Enjoy!
Its really simple! Send us your cover '
We Add Our LTR
A Tactical advantage for you!
Our Light Tactical Rails are a stunning achievement in simplicity and rugged design.
​5.5" mounting surface.
Lightweight, 1.2 ounces. 
Lowest mount available.
Accuracy is achieved with faster sight picture. 
Fast cover removal! No tools, no fuss, just break open the weapon & remove. Fix the problem, it repeats zero when reinstalled! 
No Screws, No parts to break or get lost!
K.I.S.S. Principle applies here!
Some lightweight options A Burris XS135 and a Leupold M4
see  video below right
3 new video's on You Tube, copy and paste.