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How the LTR was born.
Here at LTR we were inspired by the British and their L1A1 S.U.I.T. System of the 20th Century . They employed a compact 4x scope mounted on a modified top cover with a spring and lock system (pic rt.) so a soldier could quickly mount a scope if he needed it for long range shots and quickly remove when the fighting was close. Fal's and their offspring are capable of 2-3" accuracy at 100 yards, better with an optic mounted. We decided to go it one better by mounting a length of Picatinny Rail you could put any 21st Century Lightweight Optical Device on and take advantage of the technology that is available today and tomorrow!"The Worlds Lightest FAL Scope Mount"
This was quite a challenge! We had to make it fit tightly on any existing Fal cover, L1A1 too! Recoil managed to knock loose many adhesives we tried. Finding the right one was a challenge. No one wants their 500.00(or more!) scope or Red/Green Dot to come flying off their rifle so we had to choose wisely, mission accomplished, let's just say it's a company secret.  Video to the right, shows our prototype rails first firing session. We decided on a length of 5½ inches. That's the length the cover is actually supported on both sides of the receiver before the ejection port cutout. More than enough room to accommodate the type of Optics we designed it for. 
Steve & I had been friends for 40 years, partners in the development of the LTR. My dear friend passed away due to cancer Sept 17th, 2017, he is missed everyday. I will continue the dream we both shared and this year I have begun the AK LTR prototype testing. We met on Big Pine Key in Florida in 77'. We both enjoy shooting and firearms in general. Fn Fal and L1A1 rifles are both our favorite Battle Rifle but neither of us liked the heavy scope mounts available for it. As we're both over 60 now, iron sights just don't cut the mustard anymore. He wanted a Red Dot, me a lightweight variable scope so... Red said, figure it out, so I did! Left is a pic of us at Rahague's Shooting Show 1988 Custom Ruger No.1 in 505 Gibbs I made for the shoot. 
Note the weights on the scales of a standard SUIT scope and mount, 1lb. 8 6/10's oz. and our new LTR with a 3x9 Leupold compact scope in high rings you could see the sights through of 1lb.0.2/10's oz.(substitute liteweight alloy and low rings for even more weight savings!) Quite a significant breakthrough in both optics and weight wouldn't you say? 
A big advantage with our sight rail is it's 2/10's of an inch lower than most others! This means you won't need to put any cheek rest or build-up pads on your stock to raise your head up off the stock to see thru the scope! Faster sight picture means faster target acquisition! Another advantage is no plates or screws to break or loose into the action and tie up the weapon. As your MBR, how important is the ability to clear the action in the event of a case head rupture?  With our LTR, open action, slide off the cover, remove stuck case with the broken shell extractor tool, replace cover begin shooting again, ACCURATELY, just the way the designers intendedNo screws to loosen or be lost. Our system is so secure we offer a warranty unlike many, if you EVER manage to make your LTR fall off (short of a hammer and chisel) we will pay shipping both ways to reattach it.  The rails are pretty much impossible to remove without destroying the top cover, as we have even found out trying to do it ourselves! Rest assured these are very secure mounts, tested in competition. See what the folks that "actually" have them say on the Comments and Pics page. 

4X vs  3-9 compact Leupold
1lb 8.6 oz. vs 14.9 ounces!
That's an ounce less than a pound and a better field of view!