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Lniceshots Zombie Popper!
I was intrigued by Brian Brodhead's post in the optics forum about his idea to glue a rail to the top of a FAL dust cover to create a secure yet lightweight mount for the various red dot sights that are out there. I never could buy into the concept of mounting an Aimpoint T-1 on top of a DSA extreme scope mount.

So, a bit more than a week ago I took a gamble and sent him the steel dust cover that came with a DSA 18" SA58. We swapped several e-mails and I learned that the adhesive he uses to attach the rail to the dust cover is the same goop he used in his work as a commercial diver. Considering the fact that the adhesive is rated to work within the temperature range in which Aimpoints are also rated to function, I figured my gamble had a pretty good chance of not biting me in the hindquarters. If things get so hot or so cold that my Aimpoint breaks, I won't really care if the rail falls off the dust cover.

I received the rail/top cover combo today and my intitial impression is that Brian has done a fine job. I will follow up with a review after I get a chance to get to the range. Take note of how low the top of the rail is compared to the rear sight. Mounted an Aimpoint Comp C3 to the rail today. Nothing unusual here although I'll note that the rail was a touch longer than the dust cover. I didn't think to measure how much longer but long enough not to allow the upper receiver to fully lock into the lower receiver. A little file work on the rear part of the rail resulted in a perfect fit. There is zero fore and aft play in the dust cover now but the two receiver halves easily lock together.

Here are some pictures. I do not care for forward mounted red dots so this one is as far to the rear as possible without removing the rear iron sight. The sight mounts so close to the rail that I could not install the front or rear flip up lens covers. The up-side is that I don't need a cheek rest to raise my head enough to see through the scope. With my normal head position I achieve a solid cheek weld and have a full view through the scope. Suits me just fine. Just fooling around the house and yard with this rifle/sight combination shows it to be very fast and natural.

The Aimpoint doesn't really co-witness perfectly with the iron sights. Obviously, I'll know more once I get to the range but as of now the red dot floats above the front sight and the rear sight aperture is barely in the bottom of my field of view. Doesn't bother me a bit as I do not foresee a situation where this will cause a problem. SWFA was (is) having a heck of a deal on the Aimpoint. A total of $409 including shipping and the scope came with front and rear flip up lens covers, rubber scope protector, and 30mm scope ring. Of course, the deal was only for the 4 moa version. If need be, I'll swap the 4 moa for a 2 moa I have on an AR.

The rifle is a DSA SA58 with an 18" barrel
.Steve in Allentown, PA
FALaholic # 30456 

Got the Common Sense Sight Rail and Vortex SPARC last week and after 200 rnds or so, I'm pretty happy with them both. The CSSR is on a DSA alloy topcover, fit on my G-1 with with no play. No file work required in this case. Seems tough enough, and lighter than a steel top cover, no screws or rivets to loosen or loc-tite. A great product at a fair price. As for the SPARC, it's OK. I've had good luck with other Vortex products, so I took a chance on this one, as it's relatively new. The 2 MOA dot seems a little blurry, more like a 2 MOA "blot". Plenty bright tho, and the NV setting is nice after sundown. Controls work, but the unit can be inadvertantly switched on, a little bump will do it. Not a big fan of wafer batteries, in this case a 2354, better than 2032, but still a watch battery. The included doubler actually works pretty well, tho field of view is diminished somewhat. It came with 3 height options, I used the middle height and with the CSSR got a nice co-witness. I did have to do some file work on the mount to get a tight fit on the CSSR rail, took about 2 minutes. Fit on my other rails just fine. The high mount snugged up with no probs. The CSSR and SPARC with doubler attached weigh just under 8 oz., can't even tell its there. I'd give the CSSR 5 of 5 stars, the SPARC 4 out of 5 so far
Nice co-wittnes of sights!
Primary Arms Red Dot MD-07
Brian, got my rail the other day. I mounted my vortex spark on it and it is about an 1/8 of an inch to high to co witness the sites. I am extremely pleased with it. I sighted it in put a few rounds down range at 50 yards. Took the rail off and remounted and shot the same target again. It was dead on. 
Thanks for a great piece of gear.
Bushnell TRS-25 co-witness' also!
Airacuda's Rifle & LTR with Bushnell Banner dusk till dawn 1.5x4 scope
Another Fine Co-Witness with the T-1!
​"Low and fast, the perfect mount for the Aimpoint T-1! I love mine!!!!"
NEWFNL1A1 on the FAL Files
Brunop's T-1 from FAL files, note the reddot in lower pic, co-wittness nicely!
We didn't know these LTR's would be tested and commented on by the gent above testifies to in his letter above. The Pronghorn and Whitetail Deer to the right and above was shot by him using our LTR for his scope base.  Here's his blog site. Ben and Bawb's Blog site.
We would like to thank all the members of the FALfiles who have assisted in getting our product to market. If you are not now but are interested in Fal's please go to the site and become a contributing member.
Texgunner sent us these 2 photos of his EOTech mounted on his rifle
Below is Bladewurk's Custom LTR I made for him by shortening to 4.970 inches to fit his clip slot cover. He's tried it with this Weaver 1-3X and other Red Dot sights, Quite versatile!
Slo-cats H-1 on a Para done right!

praise for LTR  
People Eric Harp May 19 at 2:28 PM

ToBrian Brodhead 
 I was reading a recent thread on FAL files and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your work on the LTR and your continued innovation. While I have not shot the FAL with the LTR all that much (less than 100), it has worked well for me, esp since you reattached it. For a lite optic(I have a 2-7 leupold with one piece aluminum mount), it works great within the inherent range of accuracy of the FAL. It is easy to break down and clean/inspect with the rail on the dust cover. I, like you am a big fan of FAL. It is such a nice looking weapon, especially with its original appearance (long barrel, swept grip, humpback stock). I would use it more, but rarely have access to a long range and currently only reload 300 blackout. Take care. I hope to send some photos to you someday.

Eric Harp
 September 16, 2012, 07:13 #1  
FALaholic #: 59179 
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: Eastern NC
Posts: 73 
Feedback Score: 2 reviews, 100% Near misses LTR rails/ vortex spark scope 


I recently Sent my top cover off to nearmisses to have their LTR rail mounted. Got it back in 9 days. I am very pleased with the set up and removing the cover and replacing it did not effect point of impact at 50 yards. I repeated this 3 times so far with success. This, in my opinion is a nicer set up then the alternative due to its size and weight and especially ease of cleaning. 
I mounted a Vortex spark red dot scope on it. It has the 2 moa dot and came with a 2 power magnifier. The scope looks and feels to be well made and sturdy. It is easy to sight in and has held zero on my fal so far thru 200 rounds. The 2 power magnifier is ok during the day. I'm not all that impressed with it though, the magnifier narrows the field of view down considerably. And it takes quite a few turns to screw it into place on the end of the scope. So if you are using it as a 3 gun match scope you would need to leave it in place. The scope, mounted on the LTR rail doesnt quite co-witness with iron the iron sights. The front post is clearly visible which would allow its use in a CQB situation. I recently tried this at 15 and 25 yards and was able to keep all the rounds center mass on an NRA 25 yard target. The 2 moa dot is nice for shooting targets out to 200 yards as it doesn't cover the entire target. All in all I like the set up. It's compact light and accurate. Oh and I did the repeatability box test with the wind age and elevation and it returned to POA where I started. That was impressive, my eotechs have a hard time with that test. For the money, both the LTR and spark are worth it.  

Below is a Vortex 1-4.5 with Red Dot about the heaviest you will want to go complete with rings. A great scope for a FAL.
This is a Camo SA-58 with loaded mag, Camo coated LTR and a Vortex Red Dot 1-4.5X scope on it. Weighs in at 10 lb. and 6/10's of an ounce with 150 Gr. FMJ ammo
Another nice Camo with a Nikon Scope, VERY LOW!
Our customer R.C.Para with a.Sightmark on it. Low & Light!
This weapon is currently for sale on!
Using inexpensive ZQI 7.62x51 @ 100yds - using range finder
 AIM Sports 1.5-4x scope - inexpensive, but holds zero, very impressed with its optics for only $100 with "P.E.P.R." style
Out in a field consistently hitting 2" groups with my LTR on a PARA FAL
I can take the dust cover on & off, it stays DEAD ON
Great product sir!