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World's Lightest
FAL LTR Fast Accurate Low Light Tactical RailLTR for short!
Fast: A faster sight picture means faster hits down range.
Accurate: Accuracy is a given with your tight fitting cover.
Low: 2/10's of inch lower than the other rails available means you can cheek the stock for a better fit and a faster, more accurate sight picture.
T6061 aluminum was selected to make our rails as light and tough as possible, 1.2 ounces. They are CNC machined to exacting tolerances locally here in Idaho and a black hard anodized finish applied. We then attach them to YOUR already fitted top cover with a space age adhesive which cures for 7 to10 days into something you need a hammer and chisel to remove. We have tested them and can assure you they will stay on and hold zero when used within the range of temperatures the adhesive is designed to perform under, -40 to +190. We go a step further and under estimate so we know you won't have any problems. Minus 20 to plus 170 degrees. Anybody want to play in those extremes? Neither do we! Most optics won't hold up under the temperatures our LTR can withstand.

Here's a little insight into what you can expect from an LTR.
There are two schools of thought we follow here and we always adhere to the K.I.S.S. Principle. If you want the lightest setup use a 1 ounce alloy top cover with any of the many Red/Green Dots available in the 2 to 4 ounce range up to 12 ounces. A little heavier? Use an alloy to 12 ounces or a 2 ounce steel cover for heavier scopes. They can take more abuse than the lighter alloy ones will. Our general rule is...less than 12 ounces go alloy, more... to 22 ounces, use a steel cover. Not bad for a 2.2 to 3.2 ounce mounting system! 50 to 80% less weight than the competition!

The LTR gives you a lot of opportunities to mount really good lightweight scopes by Leupold and other manufactures that can make very accurate shots to 400 yards and beyond. The Red/Green Dots are prolific, some as light as 2 ounces like Trijicon's. Also Aimpoint's, Burris, Bushnell, Sightmark, Vortex, the list is long. 

Our LTR goes on or comes off as quick as you can open the action and slide it out, no screws. It goes back to zero too when fitted properly with no fore or aft travel. Some of our customers
use their rifle in competition with an alloy cover mounting a Red/Green Dot and carry an extra steel cover with a light variable scope for long range work. The same could apply to you for home use, CQB using a Red/Green Dot and hunting or long range work using a variable or fixed scope. Simply slip one out and the other in. Once sighted in the zero doesn't change simply by removing, That's another thing we mean by Accurate! 

For those who want to keep their present cover but still want an LTR for their rifle we offer completed steel and alloy covers with LTR's attached. The higher cost includes the covers. We have a good supply of Israeli Steel covers and alloy. These covers must be properly fitted to your rifle to realize the full potential of the LTR. If you are handy it's not hard to do, otherwise, we suggest one of 2 things. You go to a competent gunsmith to have them fitted or send us your cover and we will match the length and grind it to a perfect fit. Also, if your cover is a bit loose, measure how much with a feeler gage, send that measurement and we will adjust the length by that amount. We call this our "Custom Fitting Service". It's only $5.00 more, mostly for the shipping, Insurance and a small labor fee. Instructions for DIY are on the site and we're a phone call away. Any and all questions may be asked and they will be answered.