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We install the LTR on your FAL or L1A1 cover. Make sure your cover is a tight fit on the receiver,  if not, we offer the service above to recondition your present cover.

Price $82.00    file cuts now standard
If you have any question concerning deliveries, pick-ups or prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your friendly customer service staff(me!) will help find the best solutions for you.
If you're still stumped I suggest you read Ben & Bawb's article about us here.
Light Tactical Rail on new Israeli Steel cover (painted).
We provide a new Israeli Steel Cover with our LTR installed and the cover is painted semigloss Black.  As above Gunsmith fit or DYI. 
​Special order only! extra time involved.
Price $103.00        file cuts now standard

When ordering use USPO Money orders, ONLY. We take PayPal, we add 3.5% to total on the invoice. 
Make payable and send to Brian Brodhead P.O. Box166, Laclede, Id. 83841-0166
When we first designed our rail with the help of members on the Falfiles we called it the Common Sense Sight Rail or C.S.S.R. because we thought it was just common sense to make a rail that wasn't heavy and cumbersome in it's intended purpose of attaching a lightweight sighting device. A Steve_in_Allentown, Pa suggested it was to wordy and said call it what it is... a Light Tactical Rail, so we did, hence LTR!

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To the right is our D.I.Y. downloadable adobe file to install one of our covers, also our You Tube Video. If it looks overwhelming you can get a gunsmith to install it.
PARA LIGHT TACTICAL RAIL installed on your cover.
Price   $85.00     file cuts now standard

Takes 10 days to install and return

NEW RATE FOR 2018 is $7.20 for shipping and Insurance cost for each item you want to order.  We can ONLY ship to the USA!
Light Tactical Rail on new Israeli Steel cover Sandblasted & Black Parkerized.

Same as above but Black Parkerized

Price  $109.00 
We have decided to make file cuts standard as they help in the adhesion of the rail to the  otherwise smooth surface and to enforce our warranty to re- mount any rail that may fall off. 
We support the Falfiles and their contributing members with a 10% discount on the installation of LTR's on customers covers. We can not offer the discount on finished covers supplied by us as our Israeli covers come "in the white" straight out of the stamping press and we spend a great deal of time finishing them for you.            Thanks
Please! If you are an FALfiles member, contributor or not, please include your Files name so feedback can be given and received, Thanks!!
We can NOW recondition your steel or alloy cover so you can retain your original cover too! A welder we know does a great job of building up the nose area and lengthens it so you can custom fit it yourself like our Israeli covers. We then Bead Blast and Parkerize it like new. This requires about 2+ hours of grind & fit time to accomplish. We can then install our LTR on the cover. As the welder is around 35 miles away I don't get there but twice a month so this process is a little slower than our usual 10 day turn around. Please call before sending your cover for this proceedure so we can ascertain any additional area we might need to correct. We can also build up the ears on an L1A1 cover to tighten them up also.     Price: $25-30.00

We now use a 20L.P.I. checkering file on the area of the cover where the rail sits to improve traction with the adhesive standard. 

We have also found out that using Hoppe's  No.9 Solvent on/near the cover may be detrimental and cause a failure on the rail to the covers adhesion. There is no reason to use a bore cleaner on the covers or rail. If you do use this solvent, please remove the cover first and lay it aside whilst cleaning. a little "British lingo"!
We have begun work on our new AK LTR and will be testing it this summer and report on it as soon as we can. Priced same as our FAL LTR and same process to mount with a height of .170" above the cover.  Due to the variety of covers we have made the test LTR to fit an Arsenal brand AK-47 in 7.62x39 and will test with that and a Centuary Arms type  in 5.74x39 also. Please let us know if you are interested. 
THANKS! prototype below